I love my new watch ⌚️ #ziiiro

Today is All Souls Day #hardhaunted (at Hard - Day of the Dead Festival)

It’s an honor to witness a Laker history. Best Center I’ve ever seen play the game. Lakers blowout 101-81 #shaq34 #lakers (at STAPLES Center)

Whussup yo. I’m so faded. #sake #sapporo (at RB Sushi)

Hella rusty. Picked it up doe on round 2

Yayuhhh!! Big Bear!!! @spencer_lu @pevinkapa @rawinsight

They better have these in heaven. Best sandwiches I’ve ever had #earlofsandwich #downtowndisney (at Downtown Disney District)

Bruxië and Cha Cha (at Downtown Brea)

Kinda late but I hope everyone had a happy new years. @jackquinzon @karlaservillon @rawinsight @spencer_lu @pevinkapa @mmonbons

1/2 of my favorite niggas @pevinkapa @karlaservillon @jackquinzon

Christmas Card Lane and Candy Cane Lane w/ @jackquinzon @karlaservillon & #Soroosh Merry Christmas everyone!!!

I come late to see this nigga and he’s already gone. Ima homie. Happy Birthday my nigga @bakedporkbuns (at El Dorado Cocktail Lounge)

My monster burger. The bacon looks like a tongue lol. #stacked @mmonbons @rawinsight @joshinyu (at STACKED)

Hikari Sushi @jackquinzon @bakedporkbuns @mariezeey @spencer_lu #soooowoooosh #labound (at Hikari Sushi)

Fuze!!! @dbagaoisan @joshinyu @minijowild #yogurtblueberrysoju (at Fuze)